30 Day Music Challenge: Day 10

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A Song That You Can Fall Asleep To

Title: Trouble Sleeping
Artist: The Perishers

The Perishers were a find when I was looking for music/artists featured on various TV shows. I THINK they were featured on Greek, but I’m not 100% sure… it might have been One Tree Hill….


This song is really calming. It isn’t that happy, but the lead singer’s voice is great to fall asleep to or listen to when you need a mellow, soothing voice.

First Runner Up
Title: Sleeping to Dream
Artist: Jason Mraz
I can’t decide if this song is happy or sad. It basically talks about going to sleep to dream about someone that you wish you were with at that time. It’s very sweet and soothing.

Second Runner Up
Title: Snails
Artist: The Format
I already chose a song from The Format for this challenge, so I didn’t want to double up! This song isn’t quite as sleep-inducing as The Perishers either.
Honorable Mention
Title: You Picked Me
Artist: A Fine Frenzy
Again, I didn’t want to double up on artists! I love this song though. It puts a smile on your face as you fall asleep.

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