30 Day Music Challenge: Day 1

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Facebook is full of status challenges some telling you what kind of picture or memory to post, but this is the first that I’ve come across that I actually feel like participating in. My friend from Bulgaria who I met on Semester at Sea started this challenged about 2 weeks ago and I was unsure about whether or not to participate, but decided why not? I love music. I don’t care if people will judge me based on what kind of music I like and what songs I secretly listen to (though they won’t be much of a secret for long!). Music is a way of expressing yourself in a beautiful way.

I’ve been involved in the music scene since I was in 4th grade and started playing clarinet. I love finding new bands and singers that express how I’m feeling in words. I’ve tried writing songs, and it just doesn’t come out right, but have had the honor and privilege of finding those that can express my thoughts and emotions. So, for 30 days, I will accepted whatever this here challenge throws at me and post a song title, video link, and short explanation for each. What better way to practice writing than to attempt to explain in words the way that music can move me?

So here we go.

Day 1: A song that is your favorite

Title: Swans
Artist: The Format

I chose this song, not because it has the highest plays on my iTunes (mainly because Ive had to reformat my computer many times and reinstall iTunes so my numbers are always back at 0 after a few months and it’s actually not ON  a CD…so that helps with the 0 plays), but because the music and lyrics are, to me, beautiful and empowering.
This song is from the movie Moving McAllister which I randomly decided to watch because I like Mila Kunis and she is in it and it was live streaming on Netflix for a few weeks. It played during the last scene and I knew right away that it was The Format. They are one of my favorite bands, though they did break up (and the singer formed a new band called Fun). They are the only band that can instantly take a bad mood and put a smile on my face. I don’t know what it is. The lyrics? The singers whimsical voice? The fantastic instrumentation? Probably a combination of all three.

I suggest just listening to the lyrics in this one though. It really explains how I feel about the world and myself.

“No we’re not swans,
Nor are we as ugly as we think we are.
We don’t take to compliments but please don’t stop
Now come on, come on,
We are not swans
We fit into each other, we are Russian dolls,
Where somewhere in the center sits a beating heart.
But come on, come on,
We are not swans.”

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