What comes next?

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(ORIGINAL POST DATE: Saturday October 23, 2010)

I semi stole that line from One Tree Hill. If you haven’t been watching, Julian, the movie director/Brook’s fiance (ha, I suppose this is a spoiler alert for those of you who stopped watching when everyone moved out of Tree Hill) is making a documentary because everyone on the show just went through some craziness and he wants to document what is coming next for everyone. I’m aware that most people if not all that find/read this blog, probably don’t care at all about One Tree Hill.

If you do watch it, then cool. I really like that show and I’m glad Peyton is gone, she was annoying.
Moving on. Literally.
I’m leaving for Washington D.C on Tuesday. I’m taking Megabus. First stop is Philadelphia and then I’m grabbing a bus to DC. I am taking 2 suitcases of clothes and am going to live on a couch until I find somewhere to live. Sounds a lot like the trip I took on the 6th except this time, I’m not coming back the next day. I’m not coming back at all. Except for getting the rest of my stuff to move into a new place and to go to a wedding, I’m seriously not coming back to live in Pittsburgh. My 5 years here are done. It’s time to pack up and move my whole life to a new city.
I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon. After a second interview with the same organization a few months prior and no hire, I didn’t think I would have another chance so soon. I had my interview in the beginning of October, it went alright. I came back, didn’t hear anything, had an interesting trip to Gettysburg with the family, and then BAM. I came back and at work on Monday got the phone call. I accepted Tuesday, and all of a sudden my life was like a tornado. I had so many plans to make, people to see, things to do before leaving. Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that I am scheduled to take the GRE the day before I move.
It has been hard for me to grasp this. I mean, I understand that on Tuesday, I’m leaving. But every other time I have made a trip since the summer of 2006 when I went home for the summer, I have known that anywhere between 2 days and 4 months from now, I would be going back to Pittsburgh. Back to my books, back to the Cathedral, back to the city of bridges! This time? I would be making weekend trips to Pittsburgh to see friends armed with a backpack or duffle bag and hopefully I would remember my tooth brush. We would watch hockey and I would cram in running around the city to see all of my groups of friends before getting on a bus or plane and coming back to…. home. Back to my new life is in DC.
I’m excited. There are so many opportunities and I am finding out that more and more of my friends are moving there, which is wonderful. Not that I would mind just up and moving somewhere where I knew no one. There is just something about knowing at least one other person in a city that makes you feel a bit less like a complete stranger.
I’m really going to miss everyone still in Pittsburgh, though. It’s going to be weird when the Penguins play and I’m not at Hemingway’s ordering half price with my friends. Hell, it’s going to be weird that I’m joining one of the millions of Pens fans in a different – yet hostile -city. Yes hostile. Caps fans are crazy. Oh wait… Ovechkin fans are crazy. I had to say it. Oh wait. Crosby-haters are crazy. (Lets be honest, no one actually cares about hockey in DC, they just care about hating Crosby… that is a different story for another day).
Thinking back on these last 5 years, I realized that I didn’t do enough and took a lot of that time for granted. I still haven’t been to the Warhol Museum. I haven’t been to the zoo since I was maybe 6. I haven’t been to the museum of natural history OR the art museum except for an art assignment. Seriously? I lived RIGHT next to them. I had FREE entry! Why didn’t I go!??! Who cares that no one wanted to go with me, I still could have gone.
Who knew the last time I took my friend from VT on a tour of Pittsburgh, it would be my last tour of Pittsburgh? Enough of that thinking. Now it’s time to think about what comes next. I’m entering the world as a real person now. I’m going to have a real job, benefits, and I’m finally filling out my taxes as an independent…and it’s going to be rough fun because I’m going to have to do it for 2 different states. Awesome. Anything could happen now!
Bring it on, life, bring… it…. on.
My friend actually drove me to DC instead of me having to take the bus. It was really sweet of him and I was able to bring more than 2 suitcases. He also kissed me goodbye which caught me off guard. Life has a funny way of doing that, doesn’t it?

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