Oh Pandora, It’s a love hate thing you see?

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I have created a Pandora station that has been pretty rockin’ the last 3 days. I had abandoned almost all hope with Pandora and switched to Grooveshark, but that was getting annoying since I personally had to make the playlists and sometimes I am not tapped into my mind’s idea of what it wants to hear.

So I popped on over to Pandora to see if it was finished with it’s terrible song choosing and it’s love of live music. (I really don’t like live CD’s. Who wants to hear their favorite song ruined by a screaming crowd trying to shout out the lyrics? not this girl)

I created a new station – The Perishers… Gave it a good 4 hour listen. It was great, but needed something…. but what? Then I had this overwhelming urge to listen to Vanilla Twilight by Owl City. Quickmixed Owl City and The Perishers and BAM! Pandora Win!

I’ve had some amazing music tickling my ears for many days now complete with some Rufus Wainwright, Incubus, Guster, Modest Mouse, The Frames, The Smashing Pumpkins, Matt Kearney, Anberlin (I was SO excited when they were played), A Fine Frenzy, The Shins, Snow Patrol, Ingrid Michaelson, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Cartel, Missy Higgins, and many more amazing artists.

Thank you Pandora, for rocking once more.



Pandora… I should have know that you’re musical amazingness was too good to be true. My station hasn’t crashed and burned completely… yet…. but it’s on a steady downward spiral. I was happy when it played The Frame’s Falling Slowly. Great song. Great movie (From the movie Once starring the one and only Glen Hansard). But then you started playing covers of that song. The first few were ok. Not as good as Glen but hey, still good. And then you did it. You ruined it. You played Linda Eder’s cover of Falling Slowly. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Linda Eder. I’ve skated to her verison of O Holy Night for 4 years in a row in our club’s Christmas Show. She is an enchanting Lucy in Jekyll and Hyde. (Listen to In His Eyes or Someone Like You). But please don’t sing a song meant for a yearning, hurting irish man-voice… Its just…. well.. it’s just wrong. Strike one Pandora.

Dear Pandora. Today you have played me a total of 6 Paramore songs between 9:00am and 3:00pm. This is not OK. I like Paramore, but the station is not the Paramore Station. It is the Perishers and Owl City station. You have yet to play me a Perishers song actually. Because I do enjoy Paramore, this can be strike 1 1/2.

Strike 2. Kesha. Where on Gods Green Earth did you see/hear/feel/taste that Kesha should be played on this station. I hate Kesha and her catchy trash songs. Why oh why did you play her on what could be deemed an indie rock/pop rock station? She is neither. She is T swift on drugs. Please no. Never again.

Strike 3: Yet to come. Pandora knows that it’s on a tight leash… I hope. And hopefully this means more quality music from the yesteryears of Pandora amazingness. Perhaps it has passed it’s experimental teen and young adult years and returned once again to it’s mature and straight path toward musical righteousness.

We can only hope.

Oh and Pandora, this doesn’t mean that you can go ahead and start playing LIVE versions of all of those songs I love dearly. Please don’t. I hate live music.



I had to run an errand at work really quickly. And I accidentally forgot to pause Pandora. I come back an HOUR later and realize this. Pandora picked it up from yesterday. I managed to miss my favorite Augustana song (Boston), a song from Secondhand Serenade, AND one of my favorite Michael Buble songs (Everything). Nice work, me!


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