I’m sorry, I won’t be attending

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Facebook events are convenient for many reasons. You can tell all of your friends about an upcoming party or special event that is happening in your town/apartment/room whatever. It gives everyone somewhere to post information and make plans. Everyone will see the details and the wall lets you chat about the event. The maybe thing is a little annoying because sometimes you are hosting a party and you have 8 attending and then 40 maybes and you have NO idea how much food to make and drinks to buy. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…

But that is not what bothers me.

What bothers me are those people that say they aren’t attending every event they are invited to regardless of the details. At least I hope this is the case. I really do hope that as soon as they see the event they think to themselves “I’m lame and go to nothing, so I’m going to say not attending, because I would rather stay at home and catch up on Jersey Shore than see actual people.”

Maybe they just glance through the date and say ” No, Facebook! I already have things to do! Stop trying to add more things to my already ridiculously busy lifestyle.”

or maybe they just look at the location and say “Silly facebook, I live in Pennsylvania, I do not live in Africa”

I’m convinced that they don’t actually look at the details of the events. I usually don’t let it get to me, but this one particular event coming up has really struck a cord between me and those people that just automatically say “No, facebook, I am not interested.” Although I really shouldn’t be because the event in question isn’t about me, but its the principal of the matter.

Here is the deal.

My friend created an event because she is going to Africa for TWO YEARS with the Peace Corps. Two years people. This girl will not be returning state side for two years from a tiny village in Burkina Faso. Not exactly Boston. She created an event asking her friends for their contact information because she isn’t sure if she will have internet/Facebook in the country/village she is going to… which happens to be one of the poorest on the continent and really in the world.

Some have RSVPed as not attending.

This could say many things. here are my thoughts on what this says:

1. I’m not attending because I couldn’t take the time of day to read anything on here and give you a good answer.

2. I’m not attending because I’m unavailable the day you’re leaving and didn’t take the time to read that I don’t actually have to physically be anywhere at this point in time.

3. I’m not attending because I don’t live in Burkina Faso and again, didn’t read the information telling me that I don’t actually have to be in Burkina Faso.

4. I don’t like you, why would I attending this information giving session.

5. I don’t have any information to give you. I’m unreachable. This computer is an illusion. I don’t have a home, I live in a cardboard box that doesn’t have a location, because it too, is an illusion.

6. I don’t know you.

If you are the culprit of 1, 4, and 6, well you don’t deserve to be my friend anyway, let me know if this is the case, and I can unfriend you. Odds are you lived on my friend’s floor freshman year and I met you once when I was young and vulnerable and had no friends. Now I still may not have friends, but at least I know I don’t have to pretend that you are my friend any longer. And I really don’t remember who you are.

If you are the culprit of 2 and 3, how did you pass school? Reading directions is key. By school I don’t mean college or university, I mean kindergarten. Did you color the sky green enough times for them to just pass you through senior year? I don’t know. This is a mystery to me.

If you are the culprit of 5, well… you must be a ninja. And therefore, we will remain friends and you will forever be mysterious.

And to those that say maybe, does this mean that you are saying “I MIGHT give you my information, but I want something out of it…and I won’t agree to this information exchange until you tell me what I will get from you for my information”

Why does this bother me so much you ask? It just does. Deal with it.


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