Grooveshark knows too much about my life…

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(ORIGINAL POST DATE: Wednesday February 2, 2011)

It has been forever since I’ve done this, but I have a lot of time on my hands right now and have already read many many news stories. They are only making me depressed over the state of the world.

Anyway here is the deal. You’re supposed to put your iTunes playlist or Ipod on shuffle and then hit play. Each randomly chosen song represents a track on your “Soundtrack of Life”. No skipping, that is cheating. Listen to the whole song, too.

I do not have iTunes nor do I have my iPod readily available. What I do have is Grooveshark and several playlists of different genres that all include songs that I listen to regularly. I feel like this will be a better representation of my life anyway since these songs already know me very intimately.

Here we go!

Opening Credits: The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson
I love this song. It’s about the love shared between two people and how the guy gets the girl and loves her for all of her quirks. I like the pace and feel of the song. it’s great for opening credits. I can see the opening scene playing out in my head.

Waking Up: Takes So Long by The Weepies
I like this for many reasons. It does take me a long time to wake up in the morning. I enjoy the idea of this song playing in the morning. It has a soft tone and would make a good contemplative song; very good for just laying in bed and thinking about the day to come.

Average Day: Love you Much Better by The Hush Sound

I love this choice. It’s perfect. It’s bouncy and fun and that is how most of my average days have been lately. The lyrics fit well too.

“You are the daydream in my eyes, there whenever I wake up
But the colors never crystallize and I never get enough
And while you kiss everybody but me, I just sit back and watch
But one day soon, I’m gonna grab you by the collar
and kiss you all I want!”

I day dream all day. And most of my daydreams involve a boy, whether it is fictional or real. Someday my daydreams will grace the pages of a book. By someday, I mean someday within the next 2 years. That is the plan and it’s going to happen.

First Date: Foolish Games by Jewel

Nice work, Grooveshark. I hate games and that is usually what is happening in my mind for first dates. It’s all a game. You just need to see who is going to come out the victor – usually not me! haha I usually end up getting too involved with the subjects of my first date, and it does end in pain. Someday, though, this emotional investment will pay off and I will meet the man of my dreams. I feel that it’s better than being guarded constantly; never allowing emotions to overcome you and fully experience the ups and downs of life. Yeah, the hurt isn’t great, but it makes the highs have more of an impact. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Falling in Love: Stronger by Britany Spears

Perfect. Love it. It is the strength and pep that I feel when I’ve either gotten over the boy or when I realize that the guy I chose might be a good candidate for a few months at least.

I’m stronger than yesterday, indeed.

Love Scene: Come Together by The Beatles

At first i was apprehensive about whether this song worked or not. But I think it does. I’m not entirely sure how, but it does. I’m not even going to try and explain it. Maybe because of the version I was listening too. It was the Bono version from Across the Universe. It has a good rugged, raw feel to it. The way a love scene should be. Nothing perfect like they are usually depicted in movies – just the reality of what it is.

Fight Scene: Where We Went Wrong by The Hush Sound

“My heart has lost its wind now
Broken like a dead sail
My love has drifted out to sea
My body has been claimed

Soul has been shipped away
Can’t feel the sand between my toes
We set the wrong course
and headed due north
That’s where we went wrong
We were young and learning steady hearts hate turning
That’s where we went wrong
My will to fight has been flushed
seized like blank babies faces
The water line begins to rise
Let the tide swallow me whole

Like morning light in windows
Let that dark water take me home
We set the wrong course
and headed due north
That’s where we went wrong
We were young and learning steady hearts hate turning
That’s where we went wrong”

That is the only way I can think to show how great this song is for a fight scene. I mean, you kind of imagine a hard core fight scene with karate and maybe some swords or something. But For me, I feel that most fights are verbal and sort of depict a falling out of sorts at the time, mainly when it comes to significant others. Another good pick, Grooveshark.

Breaking Up: All Good Things by The Weepies

Again. Amazing pick. Again, the lyrics will explain much better.

“Not sure where to go
Everybody I know says I’m too forgiving
And now that I’m gone, I don’t want to move on
I just keep reliving

All good things, oh I wish you
All good things come to an end
All good things, oh I wish you well

Lost inside of my head, empty side of the bed
I feel this place without you
I keep pushing the bruise
‘Cause I don’t want to lose what I loved about you

All good things, oh I wish you
All good things come to an end
All good things, oh I wish you well

I could think of a million ways
You proved you weren’t the one
So live inside of your shades of gray
And never mind the sunshine that I’ll find

I’ve got so much space now
I got a whole house with the wind blowing through
I don’t need somewhere to hide
I’ve got this whole world inside
I was accustomed to showing you…

All good things, oh I wish you
All good things come to an end
All good things, oh I wish you well
All good things, oh, oh
All good things, oh, oh
All good things, oh I wish you well “

Getting Back Together: Waiting on the World To Change by John Mayer

I don’t really know how this fits into getting back together. It’s not really about love. So Lets change this to Getting Together. For me, this could represent getting together with friends, sitting in a small quiet pub, and just being. Waiting for everything around you to change. I like it.

Secret Love: Ginders by Matt & Kim
This song doesn’t have any lyrics. That is throwing me off. Though, the tune and everything kind of sounds like a quick romp or something that could be injected into the middle of a film. Interesting. I think that it doesn’t have to be my secret love either, it could be his. Works either way.

Life’s Okay: You Picked Me by A Fine Frenzy

This works. I love the tone of the song. Every time that I hear it, a subtle smile spreads across my lips. The mental images formed in my mind from the lyrics would easily make their way into my movie… of my life…. or really any movie. She has such a beautiful voice.

“So softly
Rain against the windows
And the strong coffee
Warming up my fingers
In this fisherman’s house
You got me
Searched the sand
And climbed the tree
And brought me back down”

Mental Breakdown: Lady in Spain by Ingrid Michaelson

This song is strange. I think it works, but that really depends on what type of mental breakdown we’re going for here. Definitely not a violent one or a very physically active breakdown. More of a subtle breakdown. Attempting to get over strong words from someone telling me what I can and can’t do or need to do with my life.

Driving: Prelude by All Time Low

This song doesn’t have words either. But it sounds like a good driving song. I’ll roll with it.

Learning a Lesson: Lessons Learned by Matt & Kim

This is just creepy, Grooveshark.

“Tape holds things that cannot stick and keep leftovers in the fridge while lessons learned go down the drain I can’t believe in everything all the bad names gone and the good ones were all wrong and so I stayed up all night slept in all day this is my sound thinking about tomorrow won’t change how I feel today (Great lesson to learn) Never let your mark erase
’cause broken legs can be replaced
two steps to the finish line
three sips till I finish mine
a straw will always suck it out
close your eyes and use your mouth
and tell me about your song

And so I stayed up night
slept in all day
this is my sound
thinking about tomorrow won’t change how I feel today”

Umm.. I guess it works? Sure why not. It is about lessons learned. I can dig it.

Deep Thought: Sadness Soot by Grant Lee Phillips

The feeling I get from this song is wandering around and thinking, which I feel is the best way to think. To just walk and think. I do a lot of walking and thinking.

“I’m darting through the traffic alone Dim shadows carve the streets that I roam Bewitching is the need to be held I try to fight it but I’m under that spell Knee deep in sadness soot It’s doin’ me good Embrace the solitude That’s welcoming us Face the night and all it’s fireworks
Wrap yourself up in the silence
Birthing dreams of love and hurt
Aborted by the cry of sirens
Face the night”

and also:

“I’m swimming with the weight of my heart
Upstream to where the green river parts
And two directions force my will to decide
Shall I drift before I swim for my life”

This song really speaks to thinking deeply about something. Another solid pick, Grooveshark.

Flashback: Lets Make This Moment a Crime by The Format

Again, perfect. This song talks about moments.

“We’ve just got to take our time
its like nothing really matters, so lets make this moment a crime
I know, I know
you’re left Behind
but I’ll do my best to feel broke down
its been a minute, a second, I’ll wait for you to come around but I know, I Know youre taking time

maybe its just too late, ive got to get away
when everything feels the same, ive got to get away
Maybe it’s just too late, ive got to get away
Maybe, Baby
On and on and on you wait and oh the days they fade away and all the nights theyve never felt The same
if I was wrong then I was wrong and on and on and on and on and on
the things we do are never going to change
well you havent got a lot to say but you never want to stop
you always want to feel this way I know I know you’re taking time”

I feel like this song really encompasses the feelings and emotions of remembering. I am in love with this song.

Partying: Fat Lip by SUM 41

Definitely liking this partying atmosphere. I mean, one of the Katy Perry songs would have been more of a dance party, but I feel like this is a good representation of my life and partying. I think?

Eh, I like it.
Happy Dance: All that I Have by Grant Lee Buffalo

Well now.. This is definitely not a happy dance. This song is slow and somewhat depressing… Grooveshark, is this because you are angry that I went and took a lunch break? Sorry… I won’t do it again. Please don’t punish me with a sad happy dance.

Regretting: Liar, Liar by A Fine Frenzy

Indeed another fantastic song. Thank you, Grooveshark for listening to my pleas. This is a good song for thinking about something that you regret, particularly falling for someone. It has a good beat and feel to it.

“Liar, liar
You’re such a great big liar
With the tallest tales that I have ever heard
Fire, fire
You set my soul on fire
Laughing in the corner as it burns
Right between the ribs is sinking in Oh, the sirens sing so sweet and watched the sailors go down
Oh, oh, you talk to me in siren song
Yeah, anyone would drown
Anyone would drown”

Long Night Alone: Molassas by The Hush Sound

At first I thought, well this song is too peppy to be about a long night alone, but after listening to the lyrics, I would have to disagree.
I am getting that it is about someone that wanted someone better, so went to someone else, and how the girl is telling him that even though he thinks it’s better, he’ll realize that isn’t what he wanted really.
At least that is what I gathered.

“Say there’s something better
But today, there is a cold moon rising
And you wanted something better
But tonight, you know you’ll never find it”

Death Scene: Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by Elton John

Again, perfect. The whole tone and lyrics of the song are perfect for a death scene. As long as it is a scene where the dying really just sits and remembers everything that has happened. Very well chosen.
This song was used in the end of Almost Famous in the scene in New York where Penny Lane almost died.

Closing Credits: Two Suns by Grant Lee Buffalo
I don’t know how I feel about this song. It sounds like it would be something that would play during the credits of movie, but I don’t know about a movie about my life. I guess I need to listen to the lyrics more to see…
Eh, I guess that it works. I can work with it.

Overall: I feel like Grooveshark did a great job except for maybe the party scene… that was just rubbish.

Maybe it could have been a little better with a bit more variety of artists. I feel like it stayed with the same few artists/bands. Then again, many movies to stay in the same genre of music, and that most definitely happened with this soundtrack.

I would have to say it’s a pretty damn good soundtrack. I’d buy it.


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