British TV shows some skin…. That was cheesy

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(ORIGINALLY POST DATE: January 11, 2011)

I was fumbling around Netflix looking for a new TV show while awaiting January’s schedule of new episodes, and I came across this show called Skins. British kids. Bristol. Sure why not? It can’t be any worse than the Tudors (Its good,  just slow moving and the same thing happens in every episode) or Weeds (Has it’s funny moments, but really I just want to slap whats-her-face, tell her to get a real job, and move on. And that she has an annoying voice).

I’m really glad that I decided to watch this show. At first I thought it was just going to be a bunch of British kids having sex and partying. Oh wait…. that is what happens. Fortunately, there is more to it. Each episode goes deeper into the life of one of the kids (conveniently whoever the episode is named after). The last episode is ‘everyone’. So by the end of the season, you get an in depth look at their life and how they relate to the other members of the group. There are controversial topics like mental illness, dysfunctional families, eating disorders, and even death. You start to feel compassion, anger, frustration for each of the characters and situations. I think that is what a good show does, makes you feel something for the character (other than this is dumb, and i don’t understand why I’m still watching you be an idiot… Weeds).

The first two seasons (or series as they call them in the UK) follow the same group of 9 kids.

The next two series pick up with Effie, the younger sister of Tony, one of the characters from the first “generation”. I wasn’t as close to these characters. I feel like the writers didn’t spend as much time developing the plot lines with this generation as they did with the last. The new series (season) airs on the 27th of January on BBC America, however that won’t be where I watch it. BBC America cuts the heavily graphic scenes and beeps most of the swearing, so I will be looking to watch these episodes elsewhere, so that silly laws don’t obliterate most of the episode. I’m eager to meet the new generation!

DVD Cover for Skins Season 1


MTV has brought Skins to America. The first season of Skins is airing on MTV on January 17th. The kids are supposed to be growing up in Baltimore. I have several problems with this. 1. They said that they started filming in Toronto. What is the point in having the kids grow up in an American city if you don’t even film there? 2. These kids are supposed to be 16-17, and the cast they chose look 14. 3. I saw the trailer. They look like skinny, white, rich kids who don’t care about anything else but partying. The type of kids that are the spitting image of how American’s are viewed overseas. Way to go MTV. I haven’t decided if I will be watching this or not yet. About 90% of me is saying no. It will just anger me that the US has once again tried to rip of a British show. The only successful show was The Office. Please stop trying to adapt British TV, US… it just… it’s sad really.

Update: After watching series 3 & 4 again, I’ve come to appreciate that generation as well. However, I will never love a generation as much as I love the first. Along with this, some of the characters have been in different movies and Chris is playing Gendry in A Game of Thrones! The newest generation has taken a bit of getting used to, much like the second generation. This time, none of the main characters tied in the two generations. They are all completely new save one’s relation with Principle Blood.



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