Back into the swing of things…. painting things that is

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(ORIGINAL POST DATE: Wednesday April 6, 2011)

Monday night I was commissioned by my co-workers to make a sign for our one colleague that is making a career change. I brought out all of my art supplies and actually ended up painting part of it.

Between that and being in San Francisco, I finally have some motivation to paint again. I’ve been meaning to work on some paintings but lacked motivation or inspiration.

I think the trip to San Francisco has definitely helped me get this spark back. I decided I wanted to paint the skyline of San Francisco with the golden gate bridge for my cousin. I couldn’t decide how I wanted it to look and was originally going for Sgraffit – where you paint one layer of paint on top of another and scrape down to the bottom layer. However, I found my palette knife in my paint container and decided that this would be a good time to try out painting with one. I’ve never done it before and now I’m hooked! Perfect for skylines.

I started with the bridge then added the buildings. I really really don’t like the bridge, but ran out of yellow paint so I can’t really paint over it yet until I get more. I could probably squeeze some more out, but if you’ve EVER painted, painting over black with yellow is the worst. It’s easier to paint over black with white than it is to paint over it with yellow!


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