I knew I shouldn’t have worked in IT

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(ORIGINAL POST DATE: Monday December 13, 2010)

“You waste time poring over profiles today, so try to use tech to your advantage. Make your search more efficient with unique keywords and more specific choices. The results are sure to delight you. “

I hope that astrology.com is using a metaphor in the case of my daily single’s horoscope for today. If not, then my brief 6 month stint with IT is coming back to haunt me in that apparently a technological discovery of my own will annihilate my loneliness in a way that a man can’t.

Wow. Thank you astrology.com for making me realize just how pathetic my love life really is.


I actually liked working in IT. I wasn’t actually working with computers. I was a project manager and that was fun. Plus everyone I worked with was great and I got to be creative.

Update: After finally getting around to watching Doctor Who, I’m convinced my boss/mentor/friend from working in IT is the real Doctor who David Tennant based his character off of. I tried calling him out on it several times, and he just continues to deny it. Or well, telling me to prove it.


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