Ode to the showering habits of a lady

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(ORIGINAL POST DATE: Monday December 13, 2010)

I don’t understand girls who don’t shower.

Where did this thought come from, you ask?

Young gay man: These two girls I live with don’t shower.
Older gay man: Ugh! That’s so Bushwick.

–Starbucks, Columbus Circle

Overheard by: Natty
From: Overheard in New York

I know a lot of girls that don’t shower. Why don’t you shower, ladies? If you’re camping, then fine. Don’t shower. But seriously. If it’s because you stayed up WAY too late getting trashed last night and don’t feel like showering in the morning? or three days later? That is just bad.

I knew a girl from my ex boyfriend’s college. He told me that she would go 3-4 days without showering because it didn’t fit into her daily schedule of school/work/homework/partying. Seriously? If I could smell you from across the room, you need to bathe. It’ doesn’t smell spell classy.

One time my two friends picked me up from the airport after an out of town skating competition. It was about 2:30pm. The car REEKED. The odor was so bad that I had to open the window in the freezing February temperatures to keep myself from throwing up in my mouth… or all over the car. Which would have added more to the already disturbing scent. What did it smell like? Booze, sweat, and ash tray.

I don’t understand why people avoid bathing. I love the feeling of being clean. The feeling of stepping out of a shower all refreshed, my skin all clean and smooth; my hair not full of grease and hair products from taming my unruly curls. I wash my face 2-3 times per day. I have oily skin. I hate makeup. I don’t understand the girls that don’t wash their faces and wear loads of makeup. You wouldn’t have to cover your skin if you actually washed it. Imagine that! HYGIENE!

I like clean. I severely dislike going days without showering. There are only a few circumstances where I will not shower: A) I am camping. B) I am traveling somewhere and staying in a hostel that only has freezing cold water coming out of a hose that is attached to the wall of the bathroom…. and I don’t have time to shower anyway. (this happened in Morocco.. I was really dirty when I got back to the ship [Semester at Sea] in Casablanca. I was in Marrakesh. I think I showered twice. When I got back from Cairo, I showered 3 times and I even stayed in a 4 star hotel there. It’s a dusty place on the edge of the great vast desert)


Please shower. You will feel better. People will like you more. Guys won’t be repulsed by your stench.


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